Get your styling game right from male makers Ft Mens Conventional Wear

Every year, fashion keeps evolving and presents some really esoteric outfits to stay and slay. Men, like women, want to appear classy and stylish. So our Indian fashion designers and creators are experimenting with the traditional dress for men, as well as nibbling on various styles and trends to create their own fashion statement. And when we talk about the traditional dress for men, they always make you look rich and royal. Also, you have many different options for selecting outfits based on the occasion, and Indian men always choose ethnic wear for weddings, religious events, or simple family gatherings. Here are some fashion tips on styling these traditional wear from the top make creators for you.

  1. Styling dupatta with sherwani — Sherwani is an evergreen and timeless style of traditional dress for men, but the dupatta with sherwani is a refreshing style; gradually and steadily, the dupatta is having its spot in the stupendous style world and rapidly winning hearts. When paired with a variety of bottoms such as churidar, dhoti, or pyjama, Dupattas add an edge to your entire ethnic look. If your outfit is missing something, choose a dupatta with poise. 
  2. Pairing Indo-Western kurta with dhoti — Indo-Western Sherwani is a fusion of Western and Indian styles that will always make you look sophisticated and elegant, making them ideal for weddings and festive seasons. An Indo-western Sherwani with Dhoti adds to your charm when you have nothing else to wear. This unrivalled and unparalleled combination look gives a new look to traditional clothing.
  3. Angrakha style sherwani– This style of sherwani is extremely popular among grooms and their companions. This is because sherwanis contain every element that other accessories would fail to provide. On the off chance that you pair your Angrakha-style sherwani with a coat, you will have an uncommon search in your outfit. It has an erupted midsection that gives it a maharaja look.
  4. Jodhpuri Suit — We all know Raghavendra Rathore for his Jodhpuri heritage style and as a stylish charmer.’ In one interview, he stated that the Jodhpuri suit is the most essential part of the new Indian wardrobe. Take a cue from our stars and fashion creators who wear these Jodhpuri Suits on different occasions and look extremely classical in them. 
  5. The perfect pairing of a waistcoat – According to the top fashion creators, wearing a waistcoat with your kurta is an excellent way to stand out in a crowd while still remaining in a lighter outfit. Depending on the type of waistcoat you wear, you can choose to wear something dark or light—for example, a red waistcoat with a brown dhoti or a light green waistcoat with white pants. Just make sure the waistcoat has more vibrant colours than the white kurta.
  6. The splendour of colour — If you’re going to be spending time with your family during festivities, wearing traditional attire may be a nice way to celebrate. Combine a khaki kurta with an orange/saffron dhoti. Then, put on a slightly darker Nehru-styled jacket with slit openings to keep your kurta in place and give you a more defined body shape to slay the traditional wear perfectly.


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