Comparison between traditional vs open-air wedding photo booths

Wedding photo booths have become a staple at most weddings, allowing guests to take fun and casual photos to remember the special day. While traditional enclosed booths remain popular, open-air photo booths are growing in popularity for their ability to accommodate larger groups and create a more open, airy feel. 

Traditional enclosed photo booths

  • Enclosed space for privacy – Traditional photo booths provide a small enclosed space, usually about the size of a phone booth. The enclosed space creates a private area for photo taking.
  • Typically fit 2-4 people – Photo booths generally accommodate two to four people at a time because of their compact size. Larger groups will have to squeeze in tight to fit.
  • Customizable backdrop – Backdrops in traditional booths customized with different colors, patterns, or graphics. The backdrop looks good in the small space.
  • Provides props – You can make photos more fun by wearing various silly hats, masks, and props in enclosed booths.
  • Only good for a few poses – The cramped quarters inside a traditional photo booth limit the poses guests do. Most photos are standing shoulder to shoulder.

Open-air photo booths

  • Out in the open – Open-air photo booths provide a designated photo area without walls or boundaries. It creates an airy, open environment. 
  • Accommodates larger groups – Because open-air booths have unlimited space, they allow for larger groups like entire wedding parties or big families to take photos together.
  • Allows for creative poses – With ample room to spread out, open-air booths lend themselves to fun, inventive poses since guests aren’t confined. 
  • Interactive props – In some open-air booths, props such as oversized picture frames are used or interact with a backdrop like a flower wall. 
  • May lack privacy – Some open-air booths are right out in the open, so they lack the privacy factor of enclosed booths. 
  • Requires more space – Open-air booths occupy more space since their footprint isn’t small.

Enclosed photo booths provide a more private, customizable photo experience good for small groups, while open-air booths accommodate larger groups and creative poses in a more public space. The style you choose depends on your priorities and the space available. No matter which snap-booth style you opt for, they’ll be a hit with wedding guests seeking to capture lasting memories.

Additional factors to consider

When deciding between traditional or open-air photo booths, here are some additional factors to take into account:

  • Indoor vs. outdoor venue – An enclosed booth is more suitable for an indoor wedding. Open-air booths are perfect for outdoor venues.
  • Ambiance – Enclosed booths lend a fun, retro vibe while open booths feel more airy and modern. Consider the vibe you want.
  • Budget – Open-air booths tend to be more affordable since they require fewer materials. Enclosed booths come with a bigger price tag.
  • Guest comfort – Some guests feel claustrophobic in tight enclosed spaces, so an open booth is better for comfort.
  • Technology options – Enclosed booths often come with more high-tech features like green screen backgrounds. Open booths have fewer tech options.

Choosing a photo booth for your wedding comes down to your priorities, space, budget, and crowd. Chat with your wedding planner or photo booth provider to decide which option best suits your needs.

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