Best ways to propose in winter 

The winter months offer some wonderful moments to propose to your beloved one. Aside from the splendour of the festivities and the charm of Valentine’s Day, you have a plethora of other alternatives to make your proposal unforgettable. Let’s check out some best ways to propose!

Create your own wonderland

A winter wonderland is an ideal destination if you enjoy hot chocolate stalls, seasonal stores, or any occasion to dress up in scarves, mittens, and cold weather apparel. Create your own tiny market in your garden or a nearby park to surprise your sweetie. 

To create the perfect, beautiful occasion, string twinkling lights, pour a hot beverage and even pump in artificial snow (or be lucky enough for actual snow to fall at the precise time).

Skating rink proposal

If you’re like most Citizens, you probably know your way around a skating rink. Ice skating is a traditional winter pastime that may be quite romantic. It’s the ideal backdrop for a winter proposal, regardless of your skill level.

If you’re a professional, you may reserve the rink for just the two of you and propose while smoothly gliding around your spouse. If you aren’t, you can always get points for being adorably clumsy. If you don’t want to risk your stability, you should probably ignore this one!

First snowfall proposal

This one is straightforward yet effective. It will, though, necessitate some adaptability. When the first sprinkling of snowfalls, you must be prepared. If you’re fortunate, you could receive an overnight snowfall, allowing you to plan your proposal before your sweetheart wakes up.

If that’s the scenario, you can leave traces of footprints leading to a question (perhaps also written in the snow) or a location where you’ll be ready to propose. Or else, you can propose during the first snowfall when you’re out and about. In any instance, plan a special event, such as breakfast in the morning or a passionate evening.

Hit the slopes

Whether you’re a regular on the slopes or just started proposing on the way down will give a gloriously snow-covered scene. If a private proposal is more your style, ask the question while cuddling up on the ski slope.

Build a snowman

Make a snowman to display your affection when there is enough lots of snow. Make your snowman such that the ring box is visible.


If snow circumstances make winter travel difficult in your area, arrange a staycation with your sweetheart where you may spend the day hunkered down at home, a hotel, or a nearby rental (or several). 

Watch Netflix, enjoy games, do anything the two of you enjoy doing together and cherish your alone time, especially the time you’ll get to celebrate your proposal together!

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