A Quick Guide to DIY Catholic Wedding Hall Décor

There are times when the reception after a Catholic wedding is held in the parish hall. While it might be due to budgetary restrictions, there are simply times when the bride and groom are active in the church, and they want as many as possible of their fellow parishioners to celebrate with them. The cost would obviously be over-the-top at a banquet venue, so they opt to hold the celebration closer to home and at a much more reasonable cost. However, this means that someone among their friends and relatives would need to be in charge of decorating for the happy event. If you have agreed to be in charge of getting the hall ready, this quick guide should steer you in the right direction.


1. Disposable White Table Cloths

Most parish halls have plenty of folding tables tucked away. The first thing to do is measure those tables so you can go to any craft or party shop to get disposable white table cloths. It is a wedding, after all.

2. Centerpieces for the Tables

You can choose to order fresh flowers for the centerpieces on all the tables, but silk floral arrangements will do quite nicely as well. They can always be saved as memories of this special day. To decide who at each table gets to take their arrangement home, the ‘wedding planner’ relative or friend will hold a table-by-table raffle. 

3. Wedding Favors at Each Place Setting

There is something about those little tied packets of Jordan almonds that are expected at a Catholic wedding reception. However, equally important are little wedding prayer cards to keep forever as a memory of the day. Catholic wedding favors are best found on a site that features only holy art, consumables and collectibles.

4. Balloons and Streamers

What would a party be without helium-filled balloons floating along the ceiling with curly streamers hanging down? A wedding reception is, after all, a party to welcome the couple into the community as “one body” now, so these can be printed up with the date on as a memory when the gas has been depleted.

5. Highlight the Wedding Cake Table

Don’t forget to create an artistically designed wedding cake table because many of the day’s photographs will be taken as the couple cuts the cake. They will traditionally feed each other the first bite, and these are the pictures most people like to see and have a good laugh over.

6. A Gift Table and Wedding Registry

Usually located along a side wall, the gift table should be done up nicely with a tablecloth and skirting. This is where guests come and lay their gifts down. Adjacent to the gift table should be a wedding registry in which anyone attending should sign their name. These books usually also double as a gift registry where the bride and groom can list the gifts they received for memories and, of course, for those thank-you notes to be sent after the honeymoon.

If you leave a center part of the room empty without tables, there might be plenty of room for dancing that comes after dinner. Whether the music is live or canned, the bride and groom need to have their first dance together as husband and wife that typically follows the bride’s last dance with her father. There you have some amazing suggestions to decorate your parish hall for the happy event.

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