8 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding Suit

Contrary to popular belief, wedding day fashion is not just about the perfect gown. On their special day, grooms and brides who wear suits deserve to feel just as memorable. Adding a unique feature or component to your wedding day suit or tuxedo serves to both improve your appearance and honour the most joyous day of your life.

Here, we’ve compiled 8 chic ideas suit wearers may use to create a unique and individualised style for their wedding.

1. Place a Custom Suit Order

Purchasing a bespoke wedding suit or tuxedo not only guarantees a flawless fit, but also allows you to engage with your tailor to add extra unique details to your appearance.

2. Personalise the Jacket’s Inside.

A unique feature or monogram that is meaningful to you and your companion can be added to the interior of the jacket.

3. Embroider the Collar of Your Jacket

Many grooms choose to have the back of their collars engraved. When you flip up the suit jacket collar, you can see the felt fabric piece there. That’s a terrific place to add the date of your wedding, amongst other things. Your outfit will look even more elegant with Roman numerals or a cursive script.

4. Use the Colours from Your Wedding.

Using the colours from your wedding as inspiration is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make your suit unique. This will not only give you a put-together (and photo-perfect) appearance, but it will also enable you to give your suit a splash of colour. Together, choose complementary colours so that your outfits have the same tones. This can be as little as adding a pocket square or having the jacket’s interior in that hue.

5. Create Custom Cufflinks

Conventional grooms typically choose a more traditional cufflink design in gold or silver and monogram it for a nice look. However, a pair of cufflinks with a design based on the groom’s hobbies would provide a fun and surprising touch. If you have a passion for anything, like Star Wars or sports, utilise that passion to help you choose cufflinks.

6. Buy Personalised Socks

Want to alter your appearance without changing your custom suit? Get a pair of eye-catching socks for you and your groomsmen to add a splash of colour or a playful touch to your wedding day attire. Socks are a fantastic option to add some extra flare in a subtle manner.

7. Incorporate a Special Message Inside the Tie

You and your spouse can personalise your item if you choose a traditional tie rather than a bow tie. On the back of your tie, write a saying, a proverb, or information about your wedding.

8. Consider a Customised Tie Pin

These days, tie clips and bars are trendy, and you might have a lot of fun personalising yours. They are frequently used with broader, more conventional ties. If your outfit is on the traditional side, a personalised tie pin will undoubtedly liven up your look. Your initials, your family’s coat of arms, or something unanticipated like a character from a beloved movie may all be included in a personalised tie pin.

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