Top 5 things to consider in Dolomites Weddings

Dolomites weddings are on the to-do list of every adventurous couple. Lake Garda wedding sounds lavish but tying knots in Italian dolomites hits differently. Imagine getting married between the beautiful mountains of South Tyrol. Exchanging vows in the beautiful mountains and cherishing the blissful moment forever. The Dolomites are a romantic destination, and tying knots in Italian dolomites is a memorable experience. If you want to organize a breathtaking elopement, then Italian dolomites are the way to your vision.

Things to Consider in Dolomites Weddings

Dolomites weddings are exciting and memorable, but if you don’t want to ruin your big day, then you should consider the below-given things: –

Irrespective of all the preparations, certain things aren’t in your control. Weather is one of them. Dolomite is located in hilly areas, and there are high chances of uncertainties, so you should prepare for different weather conditions. Mother Nature is not in our control, so in case of any weather uncertainty, you should prepare for it and don’t cancel your wedding.

Dolomite is in the mountains, so you should always wear warm clothes. Even you should inform your friends and family about it. However, if you are a winter baby, then it’s up to you to skip warm clothes during the ceremony. 

You should explore the expansive mountain range and find hidden places for your wedding pictures, and to explore hidden places; you should prefer a helicopter ride. This is because it will help you easily reach elopement destinations. Moreover, helicopters are convenient for hilly areas, so if you get one within your budget, you should go for it.

The Dolomites are good to go in every season, but in summer and autumn, the beauty of the dolomites is at its peak. The Dolomites look most beautiful in the autumn season, and in summer, the temperature of the dolomite is warmer and days are longer.

Dolomite is a tourist spot, so you should avoid crowdie areas. Your wedding is a private function, and nobody wants outside interference in their personal moments. You can use hidden locations or plan your wedding at specific times of the year, month, or week to prevent crowds.

Last Words

Getting married in the dolomites sounds fun, but it can be hectic and messy without professional assistance. While getting married in unique locations like the dolomites, you should consider hiring a wedding planner. There are many uncertainties in dolomites, and a wedding planner can provide you with solutions to all those uncertainties. In addition, a wedding planner will always have your back and share your responsibilities.

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