Price Tag For A Thai Bride – How Much Is The Cost 


Thailand is a place that is famous for its tradition called the bride price. This is the amount that the family of the groom will be paying to the family of the bride during the wedding. It is decided based on many factors such as family qualifications, the qualification of the bride, and also the earnings of the bride if she is a working person.

Some families cannot afford the promised amount as the bride price during the wedding or other such matrimonial ceremonies. Sinsord DD is one such service that offers the price for bride price for rent (เช่าสินสอดราคา, term in Thai). The rental price as required by the groom’s family can be afforded in the form of rent from their service. You can check their webpage for the required information.

Bride Price 

Bride price is not only the amount that the groom promises for the bride but is also considered as the promise of the groom to the bride to forever love and cherish her in all walks of their life. When the concept was first formed, goats, cows, and other such animals were offered as the bride price. As the concept was improvised, the idea of offering animals and other such options was overcome by the idea of offering money.

The bride price includes the idea of looking for marriage packages that can be covered within the amount of $5000. Such packages include good food, the right kind of entertainment, ravishing reception, and so on. The minimum charge for a wedding in Thailand is calculated to charge about $25,000 to $30,000. The parties can agree to share about 50% or one-third of the overall marriage cost.

The idea of the bride price is something that can be considered as the payment for the labour of women after getting married. It is also considered a way of valuing the effort that was invested by the bride’s family in bringing her up. This amount will be refunded in instalments if the couple fails to produce an heir or end up in a divorce.

The type of society that the bride was brought up in and the fact that whether or not the bride is a virgin matters a lot when deciding the bride price. A beautiful bride with the best earning job can fetch a maximum bride price than a bride who was brought up with no academic progression.

The idea of bride price was slowly replaced with the term “bride-wealth” because the term “bride price” gave an idea of purchasing a bride for a price. A bride is not a commodity that could be bought for a certain amount, and hence the term was replaced with the one that respected the bride, along with making sure that the amount was not considered otherwise as anything else.

A family with no wealthy background expects the bride price of 50,000 Baht to 100,000 Baht. Some bride families may even expect an amount of more than a million Baht, but the value will be decided by the elders in both families after considering all the important factors for a marriage.

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