What To Do and Consider When Planning Intimate or Sustainable Wedding? 


More and more couples are opting for intimate or micro weddings these days. However, it does not matter what type of wedding you wish to have, the wedding table style is one of the best and easiest ways to create a memorable and unique dining experience for guests. Tables are the centre of the wedding styling. It can weave your personality in your wedding styling.

Tables are one of the places your guest will be spending most of their time. Wedding planner such as Princess Apulia understands this fact. Princess Apulia helps the brides in every possible way by handling the major to minor details of their wedding styling. They know how important the day is for you, so they do everything to make it fun and memorable for you and your guest, as yours and guest’s satisfaction is their priority. 

With lots of couples looking to make eco-conscious and ethical choices, here are a few tips that will help you plan a sustainable wedding for you.

What can you do to plan a sustainable wedding?

To ensure you don’t compromise on the style and fun while having a sustainable wedding, you can do the following –

  • Working with local suppliers
  • Hiring a sustainable florist 
  • Opting for Locally sourced, seasonal drinks and food
  • Making sustainable styling choices
  • Using ethically sourced jewellery
  • Choosing environment-friendly stationery
  • Discarding traditional favours

Having a sustainable wedding does not mean you have to compromise or hold back on the styling.  On the other hand, such a scenario gives you a perfect excuse to put all your efforts into the little details and thoroughly impress your guests. At the same time, create a memorable experience. So, here are a few intimate or micro wedding table styling tips for you. 

Tips on table styling 

When it comes to adding a unique charm to an intimate wedding, table styling comes in handy.  It is easy to start the detailing with big pieces of tables and chairs. Often these can dictate the many tables styling choice you decide. You can start with the tables. Firstly, choose the table you want, a long trestle or a traditional round table.  

If you want long trestle tables, do you wish to have them with table covers to make them look a little more elegant and refined or do you want the tables in a rustic style to have a more relaxed look? You have to get a clear idea of what kind of look you want to see in your table styling. There is a whole spectrum of styles available when it comes to chairs. Wooden cross-back chairs go perfectly with almost all the looks. 

At the same time, it always comes out as a great option in wedding table styling. You can also consider elegant cane back chairs, white masters chairs or a stylish ghost chair to get a more contemporary look. You can pair rustic trestle tables with wooden benches for a more moderate yet informal look. Do not forget to pay attention to the Linen, tableware, flowers and stationary when styling an intimate wedding. 

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