What Is One of The Easiest Ways to Collect the Guest Addresses for Your Wedding?

We remember how in the olden days we used to send the invitations to the guests. Making the guest list and finding their addresses was the biggest task. However, as the technology has improved, we have better ways to get these guest addresses and one of these is the online guest list tool.

Prepare your final guest list


Firstly, you will have to sit and prepare the final guest list to make sure that you do not miss out on anyone. Before you start taking down the address, make sure that you speak to elder ones to check your list and ensure that no one is left.

Easy way to collect the addresses


One way that we used to do this earlier is by contacting each and every one of them and asking them for their addresses. This may be time-consuming and if you have a bigger guest list then you will be frustrated. The other option is to make the list on the digital database like the Myinvitelist. They can help you get this address collection done in a more organized manner.

All you need to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Sign up in their account and get a personal link
  2. Send this link to all your guest via email or text and ask them to fill up their information
  3. Wait for them to fill in their details and get themselves added to your address book.

Once you have all the guest lists and addresses in place, you can now organize them into proper groups and send the invitations in real time. You can also check if everyone has received the invitation by asking for their confirmation. Also, you can send thank you cards to them when your big day is done. This application has just made things easier for everyone.

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