Step to bear in mind Within the Vanniyar Wedding

Vanniyar matrimony marriages are generally fixed using the person to person where buddies and relatives propose prospective grooms or brides to see relatives. This religion has in addition opened up up up up its doorways to modern way of marriages for example searching at Telugu matrimony websites and accepting love marriages. When the community decides to celebrate their love within the magnificent way they pamper themselves within the beautiful wedding affair that’s quite elaborate and wealthy in heritage and culture. Marriage occasions are frequently conducted getting a Brahmin or by an Oduvar.

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Listed here are number of common customs prevalent in the vanniyar matrimony wedding:


This excellent ceremony exist in the brides place along with the groom includes his relatives and places a thamboolam in the existence of your mind in the household. It’s propitious products for example jewels, money, milk, flowers, coconut and Vethilaipak. Your particulars are often given to the bride’s mother along with the girl’s hands is requested for marriage.

Special containers for the marriage:

Within the good olden day when marriage occasions acquainted with last much more time, bride visits the groom’s house just an earlier day the wedding obtaining a girl within the pottery caste together with containers which have been particularly produced for his or her marriage.

Decorating the wedding Dais:

The dais is decorated delicately with ornamental lights and promising such things as containers, a milk publish obtaining a handle in the plough, a pot through an easy (Kuda Viakku) and even more.

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This ceremony is transported out individually for your groom combined with bride and they’re sitting lower round the wooden plank and 5 women smear oil and grass on their own skin. They perform aarti to safeguard against all of the evil which may be hovering over the bride’s or groom’s existence. When they mind for almost any bath, five small cakes they can fit on their own body as being a ritual.

Wedding Rituals:

Prior to the happy couple prepare for the ceremony they have to make three models within the dais. They provide pongal to ancestors, house gods and villagers in five containers with the ceremony.


When the couple has outfitted up and shown up, the priest ties a sacred thread (Kanganam) over the wrists within the couple.

Tying the Thali:

The thread or possibly the thali is offered to the people who’re present and so the couple can get their benefits then later groom ties it across the bride’s neck. The priest then chants holy versus and there’s music within the conch and flute.

Tying the Pattam:

The couples then exchange their seats additionally for their clothing is tied together. A gold or silver plate is tied around their brow we know of as pattam.

Ammi Midithal:

This frequently may be the conclusion in the wedding when both bride along with the groom go round taking 3 kinds of dais and milk publish.

In our occasions these rituals are modified as mentioned through the family’s convenience and belief.

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