5 Things to Look for in a Wedding Planner

Big or small, having a wedding planner by your side will make planning your big day hassle-free and efficient. They can help you negotiate expenses, ensuring that everything is on schedule and that the big day works well. The following are six things to look for in a wedding planner in Singapore.

#1 Trustworthy Personality

Choose a wedding planner with whom you quickly connect. Ensure that you can trust the planner since planning might be challenging at some points of the planning process. It is critical that your personalities mesh and that you completely trust them.

#2 Profile

Check if the wedding planner has worked on a project identical to your event. Look at their portfolio and ensure that the vendors they have worked with can pull off your theme, motif or style. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve your goals.

#3 Reporting & Disclosure

Consider the time it takes between when you contact the wedding planner and when they respond. The planner must keep you informed on the preparations, and knowing when to expect a response can assist in reducing stress.

#4 Budget & Pricing

Every wedding is unique, and how you want your wedding planner to work for you makes a difference, especially when it is time to foot the bill. Determine whether they have a payment structure and a billing mechanism. Be honest with the wedding planner about the budget to satisfy both sides.

#5 Reputable References

Whether you are working with a wedding planner or a coordinator, it is best to obtain references from recent weddings they have done. It’s critical to follow up with them and see how their planning and big day went. If the wedding planner refuses to provide references, this is a red sign, and you should avoid working with them.

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