5 Perfect Home Proposal Set Up Ideas in Singapore

Sometimes the most appropriate place for a romantic proposal set up in Singapore is your home. You can choose to avail one of the many flower and balloon proposal packages from reputable vendors. Here is a list of a few home proposal ideas you can use.

#1 Wake Up to a Bunch of Flowers and Balloons

Most women dream about waking up to their men asking them to tie the knot. Why not make their dreams come true? Order a bunch of their favourite flowers in an arrangement with balloons to give her when she opens her eyes.

#2 A Cosy Corner for a Heartfelt Speech

Many floral and balloon shops offer various proposal package options in Singapore. Employ the help of professionals and set up a corner filled with balloons, flowers and candles. Your girl will surely love walking in and seeing such a romantic setup where you can tell her everything you held back.

#3 Hire the Help of Your Pet

No one can say no to an adorable furry friend. If you feel the proposal package you got in Singapore lacks a specific touch, rope your furbaby into the mix. She sure will not be able to say no when she sees their face.

#4 Set Up a Romantic Picnic in a Garden

One of the best proposal set up ideas to execute in Singapore takes advantage of the many gardens on the island, especially one in your backyard. Exploit the ocean of blooms and add your flair with fairy lights, candles and balloons to enhance the romantic air.

#5 Use the Nightscape Filled with Singapore City Lights

If you live in an apartment that overlooks the beauty of the nightscape, then this idea is for you. Exploit the view from your floor-to-ceiling windows or your balcony and fill them with flowers and balloons. Hire the help of professionals through a proposal package from vendors in Singapore.

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